Kibwtu, Uganda & Our Friend James


Kibwtu is a village in southeastern Uganda, approximately 24 km northwest of Iganga (See Location Map). Although out of the way from major roads, the population is still high, and a large percentage of children. In fact, there are so may children that the village boasts three primary schools. Unfortunately, there is great lack in these schools (See Current School Post). There is also great lack of any other community resources. There is no electricity, running water, or any kind of infrastructure to Kibwtu other than a murram (dirt) road full of potholes. Two borehole (wells) in the area supply all water needs of the community, but they are overwhelmed considering the high population, and many people must carry their water a very long distance back home. There is no presence of a community health center, thus many people in this region still are uneducated about HIV/AIDs and do not have consistent access to ARV’s (anti-retrovirals) for treatment.

Our friend James grew up in Kibwtu. At the age of 11, his father passed away and since his mother abandoned them, he and a younger brother remained on their father’s land, raising themselves as orphans. They farmed as they could to feed themselves and raise school fees. They walked the 8 km to the nearest secondary school. Today, as a grown man with a family of his own, James still owns the land he inherited from his father, although he has long since left it. His heart, however, is for this village which has great need. Children in Kibwtu are still living James’ story. James believes God is leading him back to this village. His vision is to start a proper school on a portion of his land, put the remainder of the land into agricultural production in order to provide funds to send children to school, and eventually see the village build a church. His Christian character and leadership skills often attract people and they turn to him for guidance. He is an encourager, and as well sometimes serves in ways to help community members settle disputes, etc. Already in the time he has spent at the new farm, he has received many guests inquiring about his farm work, and expressing their need for a school. James has encouraged them to be involved in bringing change to their community. Already, they have formed new committees which have been evaluating what is and is not working in their community and what it will take to start a new school, identified true orphans, and begun stockpiling bricks for a new school. Thus, ways to empower the community and encouraging them to take ownership over turning their need around are being supported. The village is ready to be a part of making the dream of a good school into a reality. James is investing his life savings into this mission. But to get a school built, we need help from you too. You can partner with us to get a proper school into this village!

Thus far, James has begun farming with a small pig project. They are growing well and the project should become self-sustaining in 2016. Crops are being planted on the remaining small piece of land. Once the farm is established, income will go into sponsoring children in need (particularly orphans) to attend school. The farm also hopes to outreach to the community through becoming a demonstration area to the community regarding proper agricultural practices and offering training in agriculture.

If you wold like to contribute Click Here for Kibwtu School Fund

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