Plans for New School

 Click here to see KIBWTU School Design


The proposed new school will be located on 1 acre lot of land, about one city block away from the existing school. The land is own by James (See Kibwtu, Uganda Post) who is willing to donate the land to the school. The new building to replace the existing school will be a single story building with roughly 4,500 SF in size. The new building will consist of 7 classrooms, 1 small office for the teachers and
small storage room.

The new building structure will consist of a concrete foundation, raised concrete slab as the floor, tube steel columns, clay-brick walls, and exposed trusses with metal roof panels. Due to the heavy rain in this part of the world, raised slab is essential to prevent rain water from coming into the classrooms. Tube steel columns will be set to support the roof framing and metal roof panels. Exterior and interior walls will be made of the same clay brick that people all over Uganda routinely make to build with. We want to get the community involved in the building process; therefore, it is our goal to purchase all the clay bricks directly from the local families. Since the building will require a sizable quantity of clay bricks, this will give many families the opportunity to get involved in making the bricks. Purchasing the bricks from the local families will give them much needed cash and allow money being spent on the new school to recirculate into the community instead of elsewhere. Windows and doors will be fabricated locally. In Uganda, almost all school windows are simply made of steel bars with no glazing. Doors will be made of simple steel panels with hinges.

For all you construction gurus wondering why the steel columns on top of the clay-brick exterior walls, steel columns will allow us to set the trusses and roof panels in a short period of time, thus giving a roof over our heads to construct the slower brick walls during the rain. The new school structure will not have running water and electricity. The community does not currently have any infrastructure that allows for it to happen. The idea for solar powered electricity and a new well for water is definitely on our thoughts. But for now, we are prioritizing in providing the new school building so that kids can have decent building for school and learn without being exposed to dust, rain and wind.

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