Building Schools in Africa is a 501.c.3 non-profit organization based out of Colorado, USA and currently working in Uganda, East Africa. We were founded in 2016 by directors, Kyung Kim and Lianna Scholz.

In 2016, Building Schools in Africa partnered with its Ugandan counterpart, Brick Africa, to build the Telik Junior School in the community of Kibuutu, Luuka District, in eastern Uganda. The school opened in 2017 as a seven-classroom lower primary school.

Brick Africa is a Ugandan non-profit organization with the expressed purpose “to reach out to vulnerable communities across Uganda with a new hope.” Community development may include:

  • Building schools for the young generation to learn and prosper
  • Offer community education on necessary topics, such as health, agriculture, etc.
  • Establish community health facilities to meet medical needs in communities and support the campaign against HIV/Aids and other health hazards
  • Engage in other construction which may aid the community, such as boreholes
  • Establish a vulnerable children and orphans’ program to offer education scholarships, aid in the placement of orphans foster families within their communities, and meet their needs in other ways seen

We have been working on this purpose through the construction of the school, community health and agriculture seminars, and teacher workshops.

Brick Africa Directors picture

Brick Africa Directors (from left): Kyung Kim, Lianna Scholz, Alukudo Leah, Tebba James

Please visit our blog posts to learn more about us and the story of how we connected to start this project, the community, the existing school and future school plans. See our Donations page for more on how you too can partner with us! We hope you will follow along with this exciting progress, and we welcome any questions you may have!
Visit our Facebook page, Building Schools in Africa, for more news!

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