Lianna’s Story



In September 2012, I moved to Uganda indefinitely to work with Watoto Child Care Ministries, a ministry which cares for about 3000 orphans in village settings. As you can imagine, that is a whole lot of mouths to feed! So, Watoto had begun to operate farms for sustainable agriculture – growing the food needed to feed the children. I came alongside them to assist them in Read More

My time in Africa


I booked a ticket to Uganda not knowing what I was getting into or any plans. Before the trip, I had never been to anywhere in Africa and most of my knowledge about Africa came from reading and watching TV programs like a typical American. I got to travel all over Uganda, through Rwanda and even to the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). I did what other Westerners come to Africa to do – safari and other sight seeing adventures. However, I got to see and learn about Uganda more than most tourists will ever get to do.

I went to Kibuutu shortly after I arrived in Uganda. I got to see the existing schools and the small pig farm that Lianna & James had started. School was out so there were kids everywhere, watching us. My initial thought on the school was ‘what happened here; there must been a mistake.’ Being in the construction industry all my career, I immediately started to think about how we could build a replacement building. I just couldn’t walk away and ignore the fact that I can and have the ability to build a replacement school for this community. So here I am.